COVID-19 Insights Tracker

We combine daily syndicated surveys, custom surveys, and custom foot traffic/transaction insights so that you can get rapid answers within the cost constraints you are facing. Our goal is to help, and we will do so at the lowest cost possible.

Syndicated surveys (300-1000n/day), custom surveys, and omnibus offerings that fit your budget
Unblinded Foot Traffic metrics (T-5 Day Delay) and Transaction metrics (T-10 Day Delay) with the ability to cut by brand, DMA, daypart, and more

Rapid insights on consumer behavior and sentiment.

Consumer behavior has shifted dramatically as a result of stay-at-home orders, high unemployment, and the rapidly-changing coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 Tracker combines consumer behavior insights with daily surveys to help you understand the new landscape, weather the storm, and win market share as we find a new normal.


Syndicated Surveys

Since March 20th, we have run a daily COVID-19 survey with 300-1000n  per day to help you optimize messaging and operations in light of new occasions, drivers and perceptions. The data can be cut by Gender, Age, HHI, Rural vs. Urban, Employment, Live Alone, Children in Household, Elders in Household, and US Census Region.


Real-Time Foot Traffic and Transaction Data

We collect foot traffic + transaction data from our panel of 8 million consumers across the U.S., enabling extreme accuracy and granularity. Our data can be cut by retailer brand, channel, region, state, DMA, daypart, and consumer segments. You can access this data directly via your own dashboard, or we can create custom reports for you in a matter of days.


Custom Surveys

With visit-based surveys, we can survey customers immediately after they visit a retailer location to find out why and how they're making decisions in this new environment. We deploy surveys directly to the mobile phones of trackable consumers in our proprietary panel – the largest of its kind. These surveys can be highly targeted with rapid turnaround and high I/R as a result.

Packaged COVID-19 Analyses