The Apparel
Shopper Journey

Now more than ever, apparel retailers and manufacturers must understand their category’s place in consumers’ retail wallets, and the decision drivers that go into an apparel shopping trip.

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andrew-custage-bw Authored by:
Andrew Custage
Head of Analytics
Sense360 By Medallia

Understand the Journey

Pre-Trip Planning

How do shoppers plan in advance of their visit? What are the new moments where you can win a trip?

Retailer Selection

Understand the trip circuit – where do shoppers go (in-store or online) before and after they visit a retailer?

Shopping Experience

What are the key basket-building opportunities during the in-store or online shopping experience?

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We combine multiple consumer datasets for holistic, 360° insights.

We integrate three datasets into our products and research studies:

  1. Foot Traffic Data. Our smartphone geolocation panel tracks the movement activity of over 5 million opted-in consumers. This enables us to see trends in foot traffic visitation at virtually any U.S. business location.

  2. Transaction Data. Our transaction panel includes the credit & debit card spend of over 5 million consumers, not only at your retailer but across competitors and other categories.

  3. Opinion Data. We have the largest panel of visit-based survey takers in the U.S. Our survey technology targets consumers who have visited specific stores or websites, and they receive the survey on their device as fast as 24-48 hours post-visit. We can even launch real-time surveys which target shoppers who are still inside the store.
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The Insights Briefings

This webinar series is packed with insights on consumer behavior across the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries.